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Dr. Sheldon has been practicing Chiropractic care in the Auburn Hills area for 35 years. He has received specialty certifications in pediatrics, as well as nutrition. By staying up to date with the most current treatment options, Dr. Sheldon has these treatments available for his patients.
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We're able to provide relief to patients with various disc conditions.

If you're concerned about being treated with traditional chiropractic techniques, ask Dr. Sheldon about our gentle adjustment approach. With our advanced Cervical and Lumbar traction techniques, we can help you feel better, today!

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Whether it is chiropractic, nutritional consult, X-ray, and numerous electronic muscular therapies, obtain only the finest quality care through the use of our modern equipment and technology. We believe that restoring optimal health and function are the most important. Our purpose is to decrease pain, stress, prevent injury and illness and maximize your health using our natural, scientific and modern approach. Our mission is to inspire you to live healthier more positive and happier lives, by enhancing your vitality for continued optimal health and wellness.

Sheldon Chiropractic accepts most health insurance and has very affordable flexible plans to insure that you and your family can receive the care you need.

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