Dr. Steve Sheldon

Expert in Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Steve Sheldon has been practicing Chiropractic for 35 years. He graduated from Life Chiropractic college in Marrieta Georgia in 1985. He received specialty certifications in pediatrics, nutrition, and attends chiropractic seminars four times a year to stay up to date with the most current treatments available for his patients.

Dr Sheldon is very involved in the Auburn Hills community and is a board member for the Auburn Hills Optimist Club along with the Auburn Hills (BNI) Business Networking International and Chamber of Commerce.

Our Experience

Back, Neck, & Joint Pain
Radiating Leg & Arm Pain
Pinched Nerves

Frozen Shoulder
Hip Pain
Pulled Muscles
Sprained Ankles
Sports Injuries
Facet Syndromes
Spinal Stenosis

Auto Accident Injuries
Spinal Degeneration
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Bulging/Herniated Discs